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WestGrid Legacy Systems Defunding Update: Grex, Parallel, and Orcinus

On March 31, 2018, WestGrid’s remaining legacy systems -- Grex, Parallel, and Orcinus -- will be defunded and no longer available as part of the Compute Canada national platform.

“Defunded” means that the system is no longer funded, operated or maintained as part of Compute Canada’s national cyberinfrastructure platform, which is funded through the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) Major Science Initiatives (MSI) program. Local institutions may choose to keep a system running, which may result in usage limited to a certain group of users (e.g. only those from the local institution). 

Data Migration

Users are asked to move their data off all legacy systems BEFORE the Defunding Date, or risk data being DELETED. Please refer to our Data Storage Policies for more information. Users should ensure they take the appropriate steps to comply with any data management requirements their institution or project may require.

To move your data off a system, follow these instructions: 

  1. Delete any unneeded files.
  2. Prepare your data for transfer by archiving and compressing files.
  3. Refer to the General Directives for Migration page on the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki for step-by-step instructions of how to transfer your data. 
  4. Email to notify us when you have moved your data. 

New National Systems

Instructions for logging on and getting started with the new national systems can be found here. Descriptions of the new systems can be found on the New Systems page of the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki. 

Compute Canada’s newest national system, the Niagara large parallel system in Toronto, is currently being installed and should be in production by mid-March 2018. WestGrid RAC 2018 holders with large parallel requirements will likely be allocated to Niagara and notified of this through the RAC process (allocation letters to be sent in mid-March).

Note: WestGrid users will need to use their Compute Canada username and password to login to the new systems (the username and password used to log in to See User Accounts and Groups on the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki for more information.

CLICK HERE for information to get started using the new systems including mini-webinars and tutorials. 

Future User of Defunded Systems

Local institutions may choose to keep a defunded system running at their own cost and discretion. However, this may result in usage limited to a certain group of users (e.g. only those from the local institution). Researchers are encouraged to contact their local sites directly for further information:

Support & Other Links

Please email for general help and questions at any point during the migration process, or refer to the following links for more tools, tips and support related to migration: