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WestGrid CEO John Longbottom to chair discussion panel on building innovative food startups - Sept 10

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Canada is one of the world’s proven suppliers and innovators in food. But in the post-pandemic world, we will need to invest in that reputation to retain our competitive advantage in this sector that is essential to national security and our economic growth.

This September, CityAge is launching a series of virtual events profiling the most important issues in food's digital future. WestGrid's CEO John Longbottom will be chairing a discussion panel, Building Innovative Food Startups: From Commercialization to Scale-up, as part of the series' Food's Digital Future event on September 10.

Food's Digital Future

Virtual event
September 10
8:30 am Pacific / 11:30 am Eastern
View the full event agenda here

The future of food is changing — for the better. ‍ New digital technologies are helping us transform how we produce, distribute, trace and consume food. ‍ By embracing food’s digital future — from the farm to the boardroom to the kitchen table — Canada will maintain and build its position as one of the world’s key innovators in agri-foods and food technologies.

Panel Discussion: Building Innovative Food Startups: From Commercialization to Scale-up
8:45 am Pacific / 11:45 am Eastern

What’s required to build a wave of fast growing startups in the food industry? This session will look at how to invest in the ideas and entrepreneurs who will build Canada’s future food economy, from university commercialization, through landing a first customer to driving fast growing startups. How do we continue to grow this ecosystem and introduce them to the global agrifood industry?

Panel Chair:
John Longbottom, CEO, WestGrid

Bruce Hardy, President, Myera
Lenore Newman, Canada Research Chair, University of the Fraser Valley
Evan Fraser, Director of the Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph

For more information on the Food's Digital Future event and other sessions in the series, visit the CityAge website.