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WEBINAR April 17: Computing graphs on an HPC cluster

Join us for a one-hour webinar on Wednesday, April 17 where we'll walk through the process of working with distributed unstructured data in the programming language of Chapel. This online presentation will be hosted by Alex Razoumov, Visualization and Training Coordinator with WestGrid.


Computing graphs on an HPC cluster:
Working with distributed unstructured data in Chapel

Wednesday, April 17
10:00 - 11:00 am Pacific
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Over the past 1.5 years in WestGrid we started using Chapel programming language to teach our HPC users the basic concepts of parallel programming. We use Chapel to show how parallel computations can be done on shared- and distributed-memory systems, via both task and data parallelism on either type of system. In these courses, our sample codes utilize dense, rectangular arrays that are either stored in local memory or are distributed among multiple compute nodes on a cluster.

Although we don't include it into our basic training, Chapel allows less structured data sets, and some of these can be distributed and processed in parallel by multiple compute nodes. In this webinar we will cover sparse arrays, associative and opaque domains and arrays, and will implement a graph on top of associative domains, and then decompose this graph over several nodes. We will then write our own mapping to make operations on this graph more efficient.

We don't assume any prior knowledge of Chapel. We will start with the basics needed to understand the core material. Attendees of all levels are welcome.


This is an online webinar. Connection instructions will be emailed to all registrants. 

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