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VanBUG Seminar JAN 23: Deep learning for Biomedical and Bioinformatics Research - Raymond Ng (UBC)

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This week, VanBUG (the Vancouver Bioinformatics Users Group) is hosting guest speaker Dr. Raymond Ng for its monthly seminar series. Raymond is the Director of the UBC Data Science Institute, and the Canada Research Chair on data science and analytics.  


Deep learning for Biomedical and Bioinformatics Research
Thursday, January 23
6:00 pm Pacific


One of the most exciting developments from machine learning in the past decade has been deep learning. In the first half of the talk, we will give an overview of neural networks and deep networks. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of deep learning, as it applies to biomedical and bioinformatics research. In the second half of the talk, we will focus on one case study when deep learning is applied effectively – which is to predict the binding profiles of RNA-binding proteins. We will introduce ProbeRating, a nucleic acid recommender system that utilizes techniques from deep learning and word embeddings from natural language processing.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Raymond Ng’s main research area for the past two decades is on data mining, with a specific focus on health informatics and text mining. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed publications on data clustering, outlier detection, OLAP processing, health informatics and text mining. He is the recipient of two best paper awards – from the 2001 ACM SIGKDD conference, the premier data mining conference in the world, and the 2005 ACM SIGMOD conference, one of the top database conferences worldwide. For the past decade, he has co-led several large-scale genomic projects funded by Genome Canada, Genome BC and industrial collaborators. Since the inception of the PROOF Centre of Excellence, which focuses on biomarker development for end-stage organ failures, he has held the position of the Chief Informatics Officer of the Centre.


This is an in-person presentation that's also being broadcast online.

In-Person Location:
Medical Student & Alumni Centre
2750 Heather St, Vancouver, BC 

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