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User Update: New Info on RAC 2017, National Systems & WestGrid Migration Timelines

Compute Canada has shared updated timelines for its RAC 2017 allocations and researcher access to the new national systems. Details on these, as well as a WestGrid migration reminder for Nestor/Hermes users, are highlighted below:

RAC 2017 Allocations

  • Allocations on Arbutus (Cloud-west) will be implemented on May 1, 2017.
  • Allocations on all other systems will be implemented in mid-June 2017 (specific date still to be confirmed).

Please note: 2016 RAC priorities will continue until the 2017 allocations are implemented. 

National Systems - Rapid Access Service for General Use

Compute Canada’s newest national systems, Cedar and Graham, will soon join Arbutus for general / opportunistic use by researchers across Canada. Unlike the annual Resource Allocation Competition process, this Rapid Access Service (RAS) is not a guaranteed allocation of certain computational resources. Instead, it is a shared pool of unallocated resources available for “opportunistic use” to anyone with an active Compute Canada account.




Type Available for RAS / Opportunistic Use Documentation
Arbutus OpenStack Cloud September 8, 2016
Cedar Heterogeneous, general purpose cluster June 2017
(specific date still to be confirmed)
Graham Heterogeneous, general purpose cluster June 2017
(specific date still to be confirmed)


Please Note: The number of core-years available for opportunistic use on legacy systems is set by local system policies. More information on WestGrid legacy systems can be found here, or use the links below for systems in other regions:

For help accessing the new systems or any other questions about RAC or using Compute Canada, please contact

WestGrid User Migration

Reminder: Hermes/Nestor at the University of Victoria will be defunded on June 1, 2017 and no longer available for use. Please refer to the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki for instructions on how to move your data and compute use off these systems.

Please Note: The University of Victoria may choose to keep systems running beyond June 1, 2017, but at its own cost and discretion. This may result in usage limited to a certain group of users (e.g. only those from the University of Victoria). UVic users are encouraged to contact directly for further information.

If you have questions about how to migrate your data, please refer to our WestGrid Migration Process page or contact