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MIGRATION UPDATE: WestGrid Legacy System Defunding Dates Have Been Extended

On March 9, WestGrid received confirmation that the Nestor system at the University of Victoria will continue to operate until June 1, 2017. Therefore, users of Jasper, Hungabee, Breezy, Lattice, Hermes and now Nestor DO NOT need to take any action to migrate off these systems at this time.

Originally, these six systems had a defunding date of March 31, 2017. WestGrid would like to thank the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and University of Victoria for generously offering to continue operating these systems at their institutions until Compute Canada's new Cedar and Graham national systems are brought online (expected by mid-April 2017).

Please refer to WestGrid's Migration Process Page for complete details and the latest information on WestGrid's legacy system migration. A brief summary of key information is included below, including the newly extended deadlines for all six systems scheduled for defunding this year:

WestGrid Legacy Systems to be Defunded in 2017

  • Hermes & Nestor (University of Victoria) -- JUNE 01 *new date*
  • Breezy & Lattice (University of Calgary) -- AUGUST 31 *new date*
  • Jasper & Hungabee (University of Alberta) -- SEPTEMBER 30 *new date*

User migration from these systems must begin well in advance of their defunding dates. Any data not moved off these systems by the defunding date will eventually be DELETED.


  • Each user is responsible for copying and moving his/her data from the to-be-defunded systems. WestGrid has no ability to track individual data transfers, so it cannot send out individual reminders. Please copy and move your data well before the defunding date, to avoid bottlenecks and delays. 
  • We strongly recommend users create backup copies in the new National Data Cyberinfrastructure when it is available (expected by mid-April 2017).
  • The Compute Canada Documenation Wiki is being updated regularly with the latest migration information and timelines for these systems. If you have questions about the migration documentation or process, please or your local site contacts.  

Data Retention on Defunded Systems:

WestGrid will not retain any long term, backed-up copies of user data on legacy systems scheduled for defunding. Users should ensure they take the appropriate steps to comply with any data management requirements their institution or project may require. For more information, click here.

Future Use:

Local institutions may choose to keep a defunded system running at their own cost and discretion. However, this may result in usage limited to a certain group of users (e.g. only those from the local institution).

Researchers are encouraged to contact the local sites directly for further information:

Questions and Support:

Please email with any questions or concerns. We also invite you to attend the next WestGrid Town Hall on Friday, March 17, 2017 which will discuss migration, RAC 2017, and other activities which may impact users in the coming months.

We appreciate your patience in this process and apologize for any disruptions migration may cause you or your research.