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Time to renew your Compute Canada account - Deadline: April 23

Compute Canada's annual renewal of accounts has begun and all renewals must be complete by April 23, 2018. This process is essential to collect the information required by Compute Canada's funders and to deactivate accounts that are no longer in use. 

Note: You do not need to renew if you created or re-activated an account after January 1, 2018. All other accounts (those created or activated prior to January 1, 2018) must be renewed at this time.

Tips for Renewing This Year

  • How to Renew
    Please renew your account as soon as possible to ensure continued access to Compute Canada resources. Click on the following link to renew your account: If no action is taken by April 23, 2018, your account and any sponsored users’ accounts will automatically expire and be deactivated. 

  • Canadian Common CV
    This year, all university faculty, including adjunct faculty, are required to submit a Canadian Common CV (CCV) or update an existing one and report publications enabled by Compute Canada resources to renew their accounts. Please consult the Compute Canada CCV Submission Guide for further instructions on how to submit or update an existing CCV.

  • Sponsored Roles
    To renew your account, you will also be asked to confirm the accounts of users you have sponsored (e.g. PDFs, grad students, etc.). If any of these accounts are no longer needed or their roles have changed, you should NOT request their renewal but let them expire. Please note that if you allow your account to expire, all accounts of those users that you sponsor will also be deactivated (including their local consortium accounts).

Questions and Support

You can find more information about this year’s account renewals on Compute Canada's Account Renewals FAQ page.

If you have any questions about this process, please email