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Planning underway for WestGrid training webinars and workshops in 2021

WestGrid Research Computing Winter School University of Victoria

WestGrid runs training activities year-round and has expanded its online offerings to range from webinars to interactive workshops to multi-day Research Computing Shools. Mark your calendars for the upcoming online training activities we're planning for Winter/Spring 2021. 


We're aiming to finalise the dates and details of our Winter/Spring 2021 webinars by early January. Registration for these sessions will open at that time. Join our mailing list to be notified!

Note: WestGrid’s training webinars take place at 10am Pacific / 11am Mountain / 12pm Central / 1 pm Eastern / 2 pm Atlantic. 

DATE                      TOPIC SPEAKER                          
January 20 Workflows with Programmable Filter/Source in ParaView Alex Razoumov (WestGrid)
February 03 GIS in R - Part 2 - registration coming soon
Click here to view the 'GIS in R - Part 1' materials
Marie-Hélène Burle (WestGrid)
February 17 Topic TBC TBC
March 03 Topic TBC Alex Razoumov (WestGrid)
March 17 Parallel Programming in Julia Marie-Hélène Burle and Alex Razoumov (WestGrid)
March 31 Topic TBC  
April 14 fastai Marie-Hélène Burle (WestGrid)
April 28 Visualization topic (TBD) Alex Razoumov (WestGrid)
May 12 Exploration of tools and approaches for Humanists Megan Meredith-Lobay (UBC)
May 26 Topic TBC  


Other workshops

We're pleased to be involved with and/or support the advertising of these other training workshops happening at our Member Institutions. Any sessions without a hyperlink to more information will be finalised in early 2021. Join our mailing list to be notified!

DATE                           EVENT LOCATION - HOST                         
January 14 Tips & tricks on getting programming help online Online - WestGrid / UBC Research Commons
February 1-28 University of Alberta Research Computing Bootcamp Online - University of Alberta
February 11 Topic TBC Online - WestGrid / UBC Research Commons
Feb 22 - Mar 03 NVIDIA GPU Hackathon
Click here for details & registration
Online - NVIDIA / Simon Fraser University
March 11 Extending Julia codes to multiple CPU cores Online - WestGrid / UBC Research Commons
April 08 GIS in R Online - WestGrid / UBC Research Commons
May 13 Topic TBC Online - WestGrid / UBC Research Commons
April - June (TBD) WestGrid Research Computing Modules Online - WestGrid

Past Events

Visit our Training Materials site for archives of past training sessions, including video recordings, exercise sheets, how-to guides, and more. We welcome requests for other training topics and events, and can arrange for customised workshops or programs depending on your teams' needs. Please email

More Information

If you have any questions or would like more information about any of the events listed above, contact