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Online consultations announced to gather community input on national DRI organization governance

Four online consultation sessions have been announced as the next step towards implementation of the Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) Contribution program. This program will be governed by a not-for-profit organization that will coordinate funding and strategic directions for national activities related to: research data management; advanced research computing, and research software.

Building on the feedback received during the development of the proposal in the spring and the face-to-face sessions held in September and October, these virtual sessions will gather additional input and comment from the community on governance issues including membership and board composition.

If you are unable to attend, you can also provide comments and input to the process by email to or stay informed by visiting for further information and updates on the implementation of this initiative.

Community engagement is critical for the successful implementation of a researcher-focused DRI ecosystem in Canada, and so all members of Canada's research community are invited to participate and share input into this important engagement process.

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For further information and updates on the implementation of this initiative, visit