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Need help getting more compute, cloud or storage resources? RAC ADVICE HERE!

Does your research need large-scale computing, cloud resources, data management, or storage?

Do you need MORE than is available to any researcher with a Compute Canada account via the Rapid Access Service?

Do you want to increase your chances of getting a larger allocation from Compute Canada's Resource Allocation Competition (RAC) this fall?

WestGrid wants to help researchers access the resources they need to support and accerlate their research and to help them apply to the 2018 RAC. We understand there is a lot of information available, but it's not always easy to sort through what is most important and what strategies will help maximize BOTH the total allocation you receive and your ability to use that allocation to achieve your research goals.


Special RAC 2018 Best Practice & Tips

Patrick Mann, WestGrid CTO and Lead of the Compute Canada RAC Technical Review process, has created a comprehensive Guide to RAC 2018 Changes & Best Practices, with everything you need to know to submit the most effective application for a RAC 2018 award: from outling your technical requirements to overcoming challenges specific to early career researchers. 

We've also created a RAC 2018 Best Practice Summary, of only 5 pages highlighting the most common feedback from the RAC Expert Review Committees (ERC) to applicants in 2017. This document outlines those aspects of the application (for both the RRG and RPP competition) that reviewers are most interested in and which have the greatest chance of boosting your science score and therefore receiving a greater proporation of your requested resources.

Other Background Materials:

Compute Canada hosted an online Q&A Session about RAC 2018 on October 11, 2017:

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