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Job Opportunity: University of Manitoba seeking a Cloud Computing Specialist

To expand its Research Computing capabilities, The University of Manitoba is looking to enhance its Advanced Research Computing (ARC) Team with a new Cloud Computing Support Specialist.

The University's ARC Team provides local and national scientific and technical support expertise, takes part in user training, and participates in the management of the national systems through ComputeCanada National teams. The University's ARC staff also manages several local High-Performance Compute (HPC) resources, most importantly the 4000-core HPC machine.

The Cloud Computing Specialist will report to the ARC team lead and will be managed by Faculty of Science.

The successful applicant will work within an exciting and vibrant university research environment, providing compute solutions for scientists and engineers who are conducting research ranging from subatomic physics and genomics to machine learning and digital agriculture.

The Cloud Computing Support Specialist will support and facilitate the use of the available public and private Cloud resources (such as ComputeCanada's OpenStack cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform) for research compute needs at the University of Manitoba and for other Compute Canada researchers. The Specialist will evaluate and implement new and emerging Cloud technologies and participate in solution-designs for hybrid HPC-Cloud computing to enhance our research computing capabilities.

As part of the regular operations, the Specialist will provide technical expertise, mentoring and training for the efficient use of the Cloud systems, identify research that can benefit from Cloud computing, assist researchers with the migration of their workload to the Cloud within a hybrid HPC-cloud environment. The Specialist will advise and assist researchers on the best practices for efficient deployment of their scientific software and workflows on the Cloud by using efficient, modern automation tools. The specialist will also take part in managing local HPC resources.

To read the full job description and apply online, visit the University of Manitoba