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'How to Run Jobs Effectively on Compute Canada Systems' and Other HPC Webinars

Over the next few weeks, SHARCNET (a consortium in Compute Ontario) is presenting a series of HPC-themed webinars that may be of interest to WestGrid users.

Note: You do not need a SHARCNET or Compute Canada account to attend these sessions. No registration is required for these sessions and all talks will be broadcast live via webcast. Archive recordings will be posted to the SHARCNET YouTube channel following the session.

For more information or to ask questions about any of these sessions, contact

SHARCNET Webinar Details

New User Seminars
Every Monday
9:00 - 10:00 am Pacific
The new Compute Canada national general purpose systems, Graham and Cedar, have massive compute resources that are available to all Canadian research teams. Focusing on Graham, located at the University of Waterloo, this online seminar provides an overview of available systems, and basic usage information including job submissions/management, queueing policies and available software and support. No registration is required. To attend, simply click this link at the time of the session: 

Partitions and Scheduling: Running Jobs Effectively on Graham and Cedar
Wednesday, Sept 13
9:00 - 10:00 am Pacific
Having problems getting your jobs to run on Compute Canada's national systems, Cedar and Graham? Waiting in the queue a long time? Waiting in the queue a long time? This session will discuss Slurm partitions, scheduling on Graham and Cedar, and how this knowledge will allow you to strategize and “game” the system to run more jobs and get your research done quicker.
View the archive recording here.

Training Neural Networks with Hundreds of GPUs on Graham and Cedar
Wednesday, Sept 20
9:00 - 10:00 am Pacific
This webinar is a guide for doing very large scale Deep Learning research on Compute Canada's new national systems, Graham and Cedar. Both hardware and software capabilities will be introduced and discussed in details. Caffe2 and Tensorflow will be used as examples for training ResNet across multiple GPU nodes.
View the archive recording here.

Introduction to SHARCNET Cloud
Wednesday, Sept 27
9:00 - 10:00 am Pacific
The webinar will explain the concept of Cloud Computing and introduce you to SHARCNET's cloud, hosted on a cluster at the University of Western Ontario. It will give a brief introduction to Openstack as a platform and will focus on usage of the SHARCNET cloud. It will give details on how to apply for an account on the SHARCNET cloud, how to create VMs (Virtual Machines; ephemeral and persistent) and how to access those VMs.
View the archive recording here. 

Other WestGrid Training Webinars

Don't forget, WestGrid is also hosting a series of training webinars starting in September and running to November. Click on the titles for full session details or visit our Events Page for more information on these and other upcoming sessions.