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Graham cluster outage extended to Friday, Aug. 31, 2018

* Update: Friday, Aug 31 - 3:35 pm PDT *
This outage has been extended. For full details, visit


The power upgrade at University of Waterloo has faced minor problems and delivery delays over the last week causing an extension to the Graham cluster outage.

Graham and all associated components will be available to users on Friday, Aug. 31 at 4 pm Eastern. We apologize for this extended outage. The power upgrade at the University of Waterloo that is impacting the Graham cluster will provide sufficient power to greatly expand the system once new funding is secured.

We anticipate that the cluster will be up and stable once it is reopened. However, our technical team does not provide after hours support and is not available over the long weekend (Sept 1-3). If any issues occur over the weekend they will be addressed first thing on Tuesday, September 4.

For questions or assistance please email

For live system status updates, visit or follow Compute Canada on Twitter at @ComputeCanada.