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Free Data Visualization Workshop Coming to University of Calgary - MAY 04

WestGrid's Visualization Coordinator Alex Razoumov is hosting a free hands-on workshop on data visualization at the University of Calgary on Thursday, May 04. The full-day workshop will focus on the popular visualization software VisIt and will include hands-on exercises. Faculty and students in all disciplines and experience levels are welcome to attend (you do not need to be a current WestGrid account holder to participate).

Thursday, May 04
9:00 - 4:30 pm
BI 211, Biological Sciences Building
University of Calgary
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What Is Visit?
VisIt is an an open source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization tool. With VisIt, users can interactively visualize and analyze 2- and 3-dimensional data defined on structured, adaptive, and unstructured meshes. VisIt users can also animate these datasets in time, and manipulate them with a variety of operators.

Workshop Outline:

  • Introduction and VisIt's GUI overview
  • accessing data and managing files
  • working with plots
  • working with operators
  • interactive tools
  • quantitative analysis
  • making it pretty
  • animation and keyframing
  • data comparison
  • scripting
  • plots, selections, exporting
  • overview of remote visualization resources

More Information:
If you have any questions or would like more information about this workshop, please visit the event page or contact



The featured image, courtesy of the VisIt website gallery, shows a pseudocolor plot that highlights a Raleigh-Taylor instability caused by two mixing fluids.