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Call for Proposals: CANHEIT-ARC 2019 seeking talks on tech, trends & innovations in research & Higher Ed

The CANHEIT-ARC 2019 conference, Canada’s premier conference for higher education IT leaders and advanced research computing (ARC) experts, is seeking session proposals in a range of topics in research and higher ed trends and technologies.

The event is co-hosted this year by Compute Canada, CUCCIO, the University of Manitoba, The University of Winnipeg, Brandon University, and St. Boniface University. WestGrid is also a partner. 

Submissions are welcomed in the following areas:

  • Collaboration – How are you facilitating or supporting collaboration within your institution or with others?
  • Technologies & Trends – What new and exciting tech trends are you leveraging? Cloud services, artificial Intelligence, machine learning?
  • People – Do you have a strategy for diversity, inclusion, professional development, staffing or new organizational models?
  • Security - How you are dealing with the ever-present and ever-changing information security landscape?
  • Big Data/Data Analytics – How are you leveraging big data or data analytics to help your institution achieve its goals and objectives?
  • Leading/Partnering – What is your role in your institutional IT-enabled strategies?
  • Student Centered – Have you adopted a student centered approach to your services, systems and technologies?
  • Research and IT – How are research and IT partnering at your institution?
  • Teaching and Learning – What is IT’s role in advancing your institutional teaching and learning strategies?
  • Missed Opportunity – Higher education IT is a complex and exciting environment – what have we missed?

To submit, or for more information on the event, visit the CANHEIT-ARC 2019 website.