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User Notice: Breezy & Lattice Systems Scheduled for Defunding August 31

On August 31, 2017, the Breezy and Lattice systems at the University of Calgary will be defunded. This means they will no longer be operated by WestGrid and will be managed by the University of Calgary directly.

System Use & Access After August 31

  • Local Users: Any researcher located at or affiliated with the University of Calgary Please email to clarify local use policies or to confirm if you qualify as a Local User.
  • Non-local Users: WestGrid users who are not based at or affiliated with the University of Calgary
    STORAGE ACCESS: Non-local users will be able to ACCESS any data stored on these systems until September 31, 2017.
    COMPUTE ACCESS: Non-local users will NOT be able to submit or run any jobs on these systems after August 31, 2017.

Next steps

Step-by-step instructions for migrating compute and storage can be found on WestGrid’s Migration Process webpage.

New National Systems

The newest, largest and most powerful academic supercomputers Cedar and Graham are NOW AVAILABLE to all Compute Canada account holders! These general purpose clusters are the recommended systems for almost all types of jobs and are twice as fast as WestGrid’s remaining legacy systems. The storage capacity also far exceeds what was previously available.

All WestGrid users without 2017 RACs on legacy systems will likely experience considerably improved performance by migrating to the new systems as soon as possible.

Questions and Support

Please email to clarify local use policies or if you are a non-local user and require access to these systems beyond August 31, 2017.

Please email with any questions or concerns about migration or using other WestGrid systems.