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Compute Canada Digital Economy Idea - Vote today

Industry Canada has launched a consultation process in order to develop a strategy for the digital economy. The details can be found here. The site encourages submissions in response to the questions and issues raised by the government's consultation paper and a number of submissions are already available on the web site. The site encourages participation and, in particular, encourages you to vote for or against particular ideas located in the “Idea Forum” sections.

Voting will take only 5 minutes of your time and is an opportunity to raise awareness of HPC dramatically with the government and other visitors to this site. 

Compute Canada has submitted an idea titled “To Compete You Must Compute” that describes the value and necessity of HPC to the digital economy. If the future of HPC in Canada is important to you - as a researcher, university staff member, student, or postdoc - PLEASE VOTE. ** Voting closes today (July 8, 2010). **