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WestGrid Resource Allocation Call

This year WestGrid is pleased to announce it will be issuing its Local Resource Allocation Committee (LRAC) call for proposals in conjunction with the Compute Canada National Resource Allocation Committee (NRAC) call for proposals. Users who fit the criteria can submit a proposal to the NRAC, well all other users should submit a proposal to the WestGrid LRAC.

The mandate of both the WestGrid LRAC and the Compute Canada NRAC is to ensure that the entire Compute Canada infrastructure is supporting high quality science, on the most appropriate machine, wherever that machine is in the country. Both NRAC and LRAC proposals must be submitted electronically to Compute Canada on or before Monday, August 31, 2009 at 16:00 EDT.

To make a request to either of these resource allocation committees, please review the full NRAC and LRAC call for proposals posted at and, respectively. The criteria for both calls are outlined below:


The NRAC call applies to all of the resources identified in Appendix 2 of the call, which includes National Platform Fund-1 and earlier CFI funded HPC resources. Compute Canada resources are available to any eligible researcher at a publicly funded Canadian academic or CFI-eligible research institution. NRAC requests must meet one of the following criteria:

1. A project that spans more than a single consortium as a result of collaboration among researchers from different consortia and there is a need to share resources among them; and/or
2. A project that requires a substantial fraction of the resources of a consortium and/or exceeds the limits set for a category of access by the consortium; and/or,
3. A project that requires resources in several consortia because it depends upon a distributed test bed even if a large amount of resources is not required.

Visit the Compute Canada website for more information or to submit a proposal.


The LRAC has the authority to allocate WestGrid-owned computing and storage resources. This includes 60% of each resource purchased through the National Platforms fund as well as resources purchased prior to that.

WestGrid users should review the NRAC criteria to ensure they should be submitting to the WestGrid LRAC as opposed to the NRAC. If you are making a request to the WestGrid LRAC, you should demonstrate the need for a large amount of resource access (for example, if you need more than 2% of any WestGrid resource for a prolonged period, or more than 20% of a resource for more than one day).

Proposals to the WestGrid LRAC must follow the technical and administrative procedures outlined here. Proposals to the LRAC must be submitted through the Compute Canada website.

If you have any questions regarding this year's resource allocation process, please email

Warmest regards,
Jill Kowalchuk, CAO WestGrid

On behalf of Seamus O'Shea
Chair, WestGrid Resource Allocation Committee