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WestGrid Systems Available for Use

Checkers, Orcinus and Bugaboo are now live! These recent installations will provide further resources to serve the WestGrid community. All existing WestGrid users have access to these new systems:

Checkers - Located at the University of Alberta, this machine will enable users to submit large batch runs involving parallel programs. For more information on this system, visit:

Orcinus - Located at the University of British Columbia, this system purchased from HP, is the largest computational system within WestGrid. The 3072-core system with an Infiniband interconnect is ideal for large scale parallel computation and large scale serial processing. For more information, visit:

Bugaboo - Located at Simon Fraser University, Bugaboo will support jobs witha need for high I/P performance (serial and parallel jobs). This includes the ability to store large files as well as high read and write performance. For more information, visit:

If you would like assistance using these systems or have any technical questions, please contact