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WestGrid linked to Nobel Prize in Physics

WestGrid users Randall Sobie (UVic) and Christopher Hearty (UBC), together with Canadian students and researchers at UBC, Victoria, McGill and Montreal, played a major role in the confirmation of the theoretical predictions made in 1972 by the 2008 Nobel laureates in Physics.

The BaBar Experiment is an international collaboration based at the Stanford Linear Accelorator Center at Stanford University with more than 550 physicists and engineers that are trying to understand why the universe is not made of equal amounts of matter and antimatter. The Nobel laureates made a bold prediction about why the universe is made of only matter. Their prediction was the motivation for the construction of the BaBar experiment. The results obtained by BaBar played a major role in the confirmation of the theoretical model.

BaBar uses the WestGrid cluster at the University of British Columbia, as well as the computing clusters funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation at the Universities of Victoria and McGill for the analysis of data and the production of simulated data.

The BaBar experiment was mentioned in the full Nobel Prize Press Release here.