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WestGrid Announces New CAO

WestGrid is pleased to announce that Jill Kowalchuk has accepted the position of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) with WestGrid, effective March 1, 2008.

This follows the retirement of Ken Hewitt, who was WestGrid’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the past five years. Ken will continue to work with WestGrid on a part-time basis, assisting Jill in overseeing WestGrid’s resource acquisition plans as well as its involvement within the broader mandate of Compute Canada.

Jill comes to WestGrid from Cybera, an Alberta non-profit organization that provides project management to WestGrid. Through her role as Project Manager within Cybera, Jill has had the opportunity to work closely with WestGrid personnel and executive members as well as participate on various WestGrid committees including the Senior Planning Committee and the Resource Allocation Committee.

For the past six years, Jill’s professional experience and background in computer science has given her the opportunity to lead and work with researchers across Canada in the areas of high performance computing, visualization, collaboration and grid computing. She also recently coordinated, on behalf of Cybera, three project proposal submissions to CANARIE’s national Network-Enabled Platforms program.

In addition to her CAO position with WestGrid, Jill will continue to work with Cybera on a part-time basis. On behalf of WestGrid, please join us in congratulating Jill on her new role as CAO.

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