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WestGrid Seminar Rescheduled: October 31 at 12:00pm (PDT)

This week's WestGrid Seminar has been rescheduled from October 24th to next Wednesday, October 31 at 12:00pm (PDT) and will host Martin Siegert and others from Simon Fraser University. They will be presenting a talk titled: “Running Jobs on WestGrid”. This presentation will provide an introduction to submitting and monitoring jobs on WestGrid systems.

To attend this talk at one of WestGrid's partner institutions, please see the Seminar Locations listing on the Training pages to locate the appropriate campus videoconference room.

To connect to the seminar via webcast, visit 10 minutes prior to the seminar's start for connection instructions. (Please note: University of Victoria, University of Regina and University of Winnipeg participants must attend via webcast). Please note that this presentation is originating from multiple sites, and since the live broadcast video can only originate from one site, the live broadcast video will be somewhat limited. Audio and presentation slides will not be affected. Also note that we will have a full archive including all video available soon after the seminar.