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Presenting Coast-to-Coast and WestGrid Seminar Series

SHARCNET, Ontario's regional HPC consortium, has joined WestGrid, IRMACS, ACEnet and D-Drive in presenting the Coast-to-Coast Seminar Series. This series is videoconferenced to multiple sites across Canada using Access Grid technology. Each seminar profiles an individual researcher's work in the areas of either mathematics or computer science.

Next week's Coast-to-Coast seminar falls on October 9 at 11:30am (PDT) and will host Dr. Jeannette Janssen from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Dalhousie University. She will be presenting a talk titled: “Modelling Self-Organizing Networks with a Hidden Metric”.

WestGrid has also started up its annual seminar series. WestGrid offers a range of training sessions targeted at helping the research community make better use of WestGrid resources. WestGrid seminars offer 'How To' sessions throughout the year on ways to use WestGrid resources to advance research investigations. Sessions are typically an hour in length.

Next week’s WestGrid seminar falls on October 10 at 12:00pm (PDT) and will host Simon Sharpe from the University of Calgary. He will be presenting a talk titled: “Using WestGrid from the Desktop”. This seminar will focus on how to access WestGrid's resources from your desktop computer. It is assumed that researchers are familiar with Windows, but Linux and Macintosh systems are mentioned as appropriate. Topics of discussion include an introduction to Unix; basic Unix commands; shells; getting help; and using SSH from Windows, Mac and Linux.

To attend this either of these talks at one of WestGrid's partner institutions, please see the Seminar Locations listing on the Training pages to locate the appropriate campus videoconference room.