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Visualization services overview

Visualization services at WestGridScientific visualization tools allow you to convert the results of your numerical simulations or your experimental data into engaging images or movies to share with colleagues, display online, or include in a publication.

WestGrid's Visualization Coordinator, Alex Razoumov, leads the Compute Canada Visualization National Team and works closely with researchers across Western Canada to incorporate visualization approaches into their research projects. Our team of visualization experts has extensive experience in scientific visualization and visual data analysis, primarily using open-source tools such as ParaView, VisIt, VTK, Blender, VMD, and various Python libraries to work with a wide variety of data types.

We can help you with all stages of visualization, from preparing data in the right format to interactive analysis. For more information, contact Alex -

Visualization training events & materials

We have delivered numerous workshops and webinars on a range of visualization tools and techniques. If you would like to host a visualization training event at your campus or organization, please contact us. You can view recordings and materials from those sessions at the link below:

Visualization Documentation

Visit the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki for more information on:

Visualize This! Challenge

Visualize This! is a Canada-wide competition that runs from September - November each year and aims to celebrate the innovative ways visualization can help researchers to explore datasets and answer important scientific questions. Visualize This! is your chance to challenge your creativity, experiment with new visualization tools, and contribute to the growth of data visualization in Canada!

Compute Canada Visualization Gallery