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Ikenna Okpala

Ikenna Okpala joined WestGrid as a Senior Developer in 2018. Ikenna is a specialist in web development with over 12+ years experience delivering projects in various sectors which include government, medical, pharmacology, retail, e-commerce and sports betting. He subscribes to agile, pair programming (where required), behaviour driven (BDD), DRY, progressive enhancement, and open source approaches to web development. Prior to joining WestGrid, Ikenna was Senior Software Engineer at Marks & Spencer (Venture labs), in the UK and now resides with his family in Atlantic Canada. 

Senior Developer
Ikenna Okpala WestGrid Senior Developer

The Senior Software Developer is responsible for software and service development projects required both by WestGrid and Compute Canada. This could range from working on Compute Canada’s national user database, to developing an online tool for Bioinformaticians to submit their work to our high performance computing systems, to helping implement national Globus filesharing services.