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Resource Allocation Competition 2017

Each fall, Compute Canada’s Resource Allocation Competitions (RAC) host a Call for Proposals process for allocations of compute or storage resources. Applications submitted to these competitions are evaluated for both technical feasibility and scientific excellence. These competitions are open to all researchers based at Canadian academic institutions who are eligible to apply for funding to the federal granting agencies.

RAC 2017 Details: 

RAC 2017 Office Hours

On November 4, WestGrid Support Staff are hosting an online “RAC Office Hours” session to answer your questions about RAC 2017, including:

  • Do I need to apply to the RAC or can my needs be served by the Rapid Access Service?
  • Which competition should I apply to?
  • What kinds of resources are available to request?

Session Details:

WestGrid Office Hours: RAC 2017
Friday, November 04
9-10 am PDT  //  10-11am MDT/CST  //  11am-12pm CDT

How to Participate:

  • CLICK HERE to register online
  • This session will be delivered online using Vidyo. Connection details will be sent to all registrants.

Changes to the 2017 RAC Process

In 2017, researchers will be able to apply to two resource allocation competitions:

Also, in response to feedback received from the research community and in an attempt to improve the application process, we have changed the schedule for the 2017 competitions. The new schedule will start in September 2016 with the submission of Notices of Intent for the RPP. The final awards for all competitions will be allocated in April 2017.

Please note, due to the change in schedule to follow the fiscal year vs calendar year, allocations awarded in 2016 will receive a one-time extension to April 2017, rather than ending December 31 as they’ve done in the past.

New Schedule:

Process Opens Due
Research Platforms and Portals Notice of Intent submission Sept 01, 2016 Sep 22, 2016
Fast Track application (by invitation only) Early October Nov 9, 2016
Resources for Research Groups and Research Platforms and Portals full application Early October Nov 24, 2016
Announcement & Implementation of Awards Early March 2017 Mid April 2017


More Information:

Visit the Compute Canada website to find out the Top Changes You Need to Know About RAC 2017 or view the slides from Compute Canada's recent RAC 2017 presentation.

Questions about Compute Canada’s Resource Allocation Competitions are welcome at any time by emailing For general inquiries about the process, please refer to the Compute Canada website.

2017 Competition Information

Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition

The Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) competition is targeted specifically at applications that create new or support existing research platforms or portals. Allocations in this competition may be awarded over multiple years, up to a maximum of three years.

This competition is delivered in two stages:

  • Notice of Intent (NOI) Stage
    This stage is non-competitive and used to ensure project alignment with the RPP competition rules. Submissions are generally one page, providing a high-level summary of the project’s rationale, operation and scope.
  • Full Application Stage
    Successful NOIs will be invited to submit a Full Application. This stage includes greater detail about the requested resources, availability of the resources to the platform or portal, operation and management of the platform, and expected impacts and opportunities resulting from the resource allocation.

Resources for Research Groups (RRG) Competition

The Resources for Research Groups (RRG) competition is targeted at applications from individuals or small groups of researchers in need of additional compute or storage resources. Allocations are awarded based on the:

  • quality of the science
  • quality of the research team, and
  • development of highly qualified personnel (HQP).

More Information:

For full details on the criteria and application guides for these competitions, please visit the Compute Canada website. If you have questions about the requirements of a competition or about the Resource Allocation Competition process in general, please email your questions to