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Visualization Facilities

One of the key components of visualization is of course seeing your data, and this capability must be handled by resources at your local institution. The display has to be located with or near the researcher that is performing the visualization. For many visualization tasks, the traditional display on a user's desktop is adequate (it is for these uses that Remote Visualization is targeted). Some visualizations, especially those involving large and complex data sets, require a more sophisticated display environment than the simple desktop display. To this end, each of the WestGrid sites has created one or more visualization facilities that can be used by WestGrid researchers to perform advanced visualization.

WestGrid has deployed a wide range of visualization and interaction technologies at these sites. Visualization technologies accesible to WestGrid researchers range from full room immersive environments using active stereo displays and tracking, through flexible and cost effective passive stereo displays, to desktop auto-stereoscopic (no glasses required) and very high resolution (9 Megapixel) displays. Interaction technologies range from 6DOF 3D tracking and full body motion capture through to interactive touch screen interaction. For more information on the visualization and interaction capabilities at each WestGrid site, please refer to the list below. The list either refers to a WestGrid facility summary page and/or the local institution's web site for that facility. To view a set of images of the WestGrid visualization facitlities please have a look at the WestGrid Visualization Photo Gallery.