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Visualization Resources and Services at WestGrid

For up-to-date visualization documentation, please visit Compute Canada's visualization wiki.

The human visual system is the most effective mechanism for transmitting information to the human brain for processing. Thus visualization, the process of creating images from data, is one of the most effective tools for understanding large and complex data sets. Because the data sets that are being generated by today's computational simulations and scientific sensor devices are increasing in size and complexity, visualization is increasingly becoming an important tool to the computational science community.

WestGrid provides a range of resources and services to help WestGrid scientists interactively explore their complex data sets. The ultimate goal of the WestGrid visualization infrastructure is to not only provide the capability to visualize their data, but also to provide the ability to interactively steer computational simulations and/or to explore data sets and simulations collaboratively with distant colleagues through visualization.

To this end, WestGrid has deployed a set of visualization technologies at each of the WestGrid sites. There are several technological components to this deployment:

In addition to these visualization resources, WestGrid also provides research support services for those scientists that are trying to increase the efficiency of their use in visualization. If you have questions about the WestGrid visualization resources and/or questions about visualization in general, please send an email to the WestGrid support email list.

Several times each year we teach visualization workshops at our member institutions. For more information, please see Visualization Workshops