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Using WestGrid

The topics grouped under the Using WestGrid in the menu at right or in the corresponding links below are those that relate to the day-to-day activities involved with using WestGrid facilities by account holders, rather than those that primarily describe the WestGrid hardware or software, for example.

  • Collaboration - Covers a variety of topics related to facilitating research through video conferencing and related collaboration technologies.

  • File Sharing - Using UNIX groups to facilitate sharing files on WestGrid systems.

  • GPU Computation - Information about using graphics processing units (GPUs) for computation.

  • File Transfer - Use of grid certificates and other tools to simplify logins and file transfers when using multiple WestGrid systems.

  • Modules - Information about using modules to set up your WestGrid environment.

  • Programming - Use of compilers, debugging and optimization for both serial and parallel programs.

  • Running Jobs - How to submit and manage batch jobs.

  • Visualization - Data visualization topics.