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Training and up-skilling

Courses and Workshops

WestGrid offers online training sessions on programming languages, specialized software, research data management, data visualization tools, and more.

Example full-day courses:

  • Moving your research to Linux and command line in remote servers
  • Version control with Git
  • Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to HPC: using clusters to speed up your research
  • Introduction to scientific visualization
  • Foundations of parallel programming
  • Introduction to programming in Julia
  • Introduction to Machine Learning with PyTorch

Example short courses and workshops:

  • Code optimization
  • Introduction to shell scripting
  • Introduction to cloud computing (setting a VM in Compute Canada’s cloud)
  • Debugging
  • 3D visualization for humanities and social sciences
  • Research data management
  • Bioinformatics workflows in HPC
  • Introduction to GPU programming
  • Parallel programing with MPI 
  • Parallel programing with OpenMP
  • Advanced topics in R programming 

If there is a training topic you don't see listed that you'd like to request, contact us at Customised courses can be created, depending on your team's training needs and the specialized topics you'd like to explore.   

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WestGrid Webinars

Our training team hosts one-hour webinars year-round on various topics related to research computing. These free online sessions range from introductory topics to more advanced and tool-specific sessions.

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Other Training Materials

Missed a past training session or want to review the materials a second or third time?
You can find archived videos, getting started guides, domain-specific training, and more in the following places: 

WestGrid Training Materials portal

Our Training Materials portal hosts archived videos, slides, and practical exercises from past online webinars, in-person workshops, and multi-day summer school events. Our goal in sharing this material is to help you build your skills in using WestGrid, Compute Canada and other advanced research computing tools to support your research, no matter what your skill level or discipline may be. The sites is continually updated as we deliver sessions on new topics or revise materials on past topics. Click here for more information.

WestGrid YouTube channel

WestGrid archives recordings of all of its training videos to its YouTube channel. Visit the channel to watch archives of our:

WestGrid Research Computing Schools

WestGrid coordinates Research Computing Schools to deliver hands-on training on a range of introductory and advanced topics. If you would like to have a customised Research Computing Summer School hosted for your researchers or R&D team, contact for more information. 

Click here to inquire about hosting a Research Computing School