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Parallel System Status

Post date System Status: Update Notes
2016-03-17 - 22:25 PDT Online

Scheduling resumed on Parallel

Scheduling has been resumed after a firmware upgrade of file servers on the morning of March 17.

2016-03-16 - 15:32 PDT Conditions

Scheduling paused on Parallel until noon March 17

Due to a firmware upgrade of file servers on the morning of March 17, scheduling of new jobs on Breezy, Lattice and Parallel has been paused.  It is expected that normal scheduling will resume by noon of that day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2015-11-09 - 16:53 PST Online

Parallel operational after file system upgrade, but, check your files.

Lattice, Parallel, and Breezy have been successfully upgraded.

A new Network File System (NFS)-based file system has been installed. Data from /global/scratch in the old file system has been transferred over to /global/scratch in the new file system only for users we have identified as having been active in the past few months. Data in the old /home has been transferred to the new /home for all users.

Please ensure that your files are in a consistent state. The /home, /global/scratch and /scratch2 directories from the old file system will be available as /mnt/home, /mnt/scratch and /mnt/scratch2, respectively, until the end of November.  So, if you need to copy any files, please do so before then.

2015-10-18 - 00:40 PDT Downtime Scheduled

October 26 - November 1st: Breezy, Lattice and Parallel file system transition outage

On October 26th (at 0900 MDT), Breezy, Lattice and Parallel will be taken down for maintenance in order to switch over to a new file system and to upgrade the operating systems. Jobs will not run and access to user files will not be possible during the outage due to the need to copy files from the old file system to the new one. It is expected that the outage will extend through November 1st.

Please note that directories in the current /global/scratch will be copied to the new file system for users who have submitted jobs on Breezy, Lattice or Parallel in the last 90 days. The
old /global/scratch will be available from the login servers for read-only access until the end of November. However, after that time, in keeping with our policy of a 30-day time limit, files
remaining in the old file system are subject to deletion without additional notice.


2015-05-08 - 22:02 PDT Online

System back in service

System back in service.

2015-04-24 - 15:14 PDT Downtime Scheduled

Major cluster O/S upgrade May 4-11

Lattice, Parallel, Breezy: All WestGrid Calgary clusters will be unavailable between Monday, May 4th at 10AM MST and May 11. The clusters will be upgraded to the latest CentOs 6.6 Operating System during this time. We expect the systems to be down until May 11. Access to the clusters and the file systems will not be available during this time.


2015-03-24 - 15:28 PDT Testing

Breezy/Lattice/Parallel Filesystem down

Update 2015-03-24: /global/scratch is undergoing file system checks. We estimate another 2-3 days to run the check tools during which time systems may continue to be unstable.

One of the fileservers supplying Breezy/Lattice/Parallel is experiencing hardware problems.

System staff and the vendor are investigating.

Update 2015-02-23: /global/scratch will be undergoing maintenance on Wednesday February 25 between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM (noon). Access to /global/scratch will not be possible during this time.