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Parallel System Status

Post date System Status: Update Notes
2017-02-18 - 22:27 PST Online

Service Restored

Lattice and Parallel are functioning normally once again.

2017-02-18 - 05:59 PST Offline

Lattice and Parallel

Due to an air conditioning failure in the datacentre, Lattice and Parallel will be unavailable for the next day or so.

2016-10-27 - 22:30 PDT Online

Parallel back to normal operations after system upgrade.

Parallel has been upgraded to the latest CentOS 6.8 operating system.
Should you discover any issues, please report them to Thank you.

2016-10-13 - 02:07 PDT Conditions

Wednesday evening, Oct. 12 - Job scheduling restored on Parallel after system upgrade

After a file system problem disrupted service on Parallel on Wednesday morning, scheduling has now been restored, but, on a reduced number of nodes. During the outage, the Linux system and batch system software were updated. The new system will use cpusets, a method of confining the effects of one job on another by more strictly limiting jobs to the resources requested.  Some compute nodes still remain to be updated, as running jobs on those nodes will be allowed to complete first.  As some jobs were lost due to the file system problem, please check output carefully and resubmit jobs as necessary.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

2016-10-12 - 09:48 PDT Offline

Breezy, Lattice, and Parallel are not available due to Filesystem problem

A non disruptive file system upgrade in Calgary did not go according to plan resulting in intermittent access to the file systems.

Some jobs have been lost. We are working with the vendor.

2016-07-11 - 23:01 PDT Online

System fully operational

Finished on July 12, 2016 - 0:00 MDT

2016-07-08 - 17:22 PDT Conditions

Filesystem Degraded

The file system that serves Lattice, Parallel, and Breezy has

experienced a condition that forced administrators to reduce the load

on the filesystem temporarily by pausing jobs on a significant portion

of the clusters.  Jobs will be resumed when the condition has cleared.

Sorry for the inconvenience.