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This system was defunded on March 31, 2018. Visit the WestGrid Migration page for more information.

University of Calgary

Technical Specifications


Along with a login node and other machines for job management and file serving, the main part of the Parallel HP Xeon E5649 cluster consists of multi-core compute nodes. There are 528 12-core standard nodes and 60 special 12-core nodes that have 3 general-purpose GPUs each. The compute nodes are based on the HP Proliant SL390 server architecture, with each node having 2 sockets. Each socket has a 6-core Intel E5649 (Westmere) processor, running at 2.53 GHz. The 12 cores associated with one compute node share 24 GB of RAM. The GPUs are NVIDIA Tesla M2070s, each with about 5.5 GB of memory and what is known as Compute Capability 2.0 (which means that 64-bit floating point calculation is supported, along with other capabilities that make these graphics boards suitable for general-purpose use, beyond just graphics applications).


Parallel uses an InfiniBand 4X QDR (Quad Data Rate) 40 Gbit/s switched fabric, with a two to one blocking factor (to reduce purchase costs).


There are three types of storage locations: home directories, global scratch and local scratch. The home directories and global scratch are shared among the Breezy, Lattice and Parallel systems.

April 2018