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Orcinus System Status

Post date System Status: Update Notes
2015-02-20 - 17:23 PST Online

Chiller recovery

Yesterday, as the result of a chiller failure, all running jobs on Orcinus were lost. Please check your data, resubmit your jobs, and contact us, if there are any issues.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.

2015-02-19 - 17:01 PST Offline

Chiller has failed

The chiller has been repaired. We are in the final stages verifying the hardware and restoring all services. We should be fully operations by the end of day on Friday, Feb 19.

2015-02-19 - 10:58 PST Offline

Chiller has failed

The chiller has failed and orcinus is down. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

2014-10-27 - 16:17 PDT Online
2014-10-23 - 15:00 PDT Conditions

Orcinus Update

Oct 23 2014, 3:00 PM (PDT)

Login nodes and the file system are currently available and we will begin scheduling jobs within the next couple of hours.

Please examine your intermediate data and resubmit your jobs. Sorry for any inconveniences.

2014-10-22 - 14:23 PDT Offline

Orcinus down

Oct 22. 2014 14:15 PDT

The chiller failure forced us to shutdown all compute nodes. Orcinus is unavailable and the estimated time to become operational again is currently unknown. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Login nodes and the file system are currently available; however, we might be forced to shutdown depending on the status of the repairs.

2014-09-10 - 13:39 PDT Online

Storage Hardware Maintenance

In order to address a storage hardware issue, Orcinus will be unavailable starting during the following date:

     Tuesday, 2014-09-09, starting at 10:00AM (Pacific)

The outtage is expected to last approximately 2 days.

Please adjust the wall-times of all new compute jobs accordingly.

6:00 PM (PDT), September  10, 2014

Orcinus is back on line. Thanks for your patience.