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Orcinus System Status

Post date System Status: Update Notes
2013-08-30 - 06:13 PDT Offline

UBC Campus power outage

Orcinus and Glacier have been hit by the UBC Campus power outage.  All running jobs have been lost.  No estimate yet for restoration of services.

2013-07-04 - 08:20 PDT Online

System fully operational

System fully operational

2013-07-03 - 15:28 PDT Online

Orcinus - UBC Plant Ops Monitoring Software Maintenance

On July 4, 2013 (8:00AM PDT), UBC Plant Operations will be conducting short maintenance on their building management software system. This event should NOT impact Orcinus operations; however, we will be monitoring the work closely and help to ensure that there are no complications.

2013-06-10 - 18:00 PDT Online

System fully operational

System fully operational.

2013-05-28 - 12:30 PDT Downtime Scheduled

Orcinus System Maintenance

There is a scheduled power outage for Orcinus' data centre and, as a result, the cluster will be powered off starting:

  Friday, June 7, 2013 at 7:00PM (PDT)

We will attempt to bring the cluster back online:    

  Monday, June 10, 2013 - late afternoon

Please adjust your walltime parameters accordingly and move/copy all data which you may need before the time of the shutdown.

2013-05-01 - 13:58 PDT Online

System fully operational

System fully operational

2013-04-26 - 19:33 PDT Online

Storage Upgrade Completed

Upgrades to the Orcinus storage system have been completed. Thanks very  much for your patience.