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Network System Status

Post date System Status: Update Notes
2015-02-23 - 08:08 PST Downtime Scheduled

Fiber maintenance Edmonton-Saskatoon and Saskatoon-Winnipeg Mar. 10

Subject:            Edmonton-Saskatoon and Saskatoon-Winnipeg maintenance

Category:           Scheduled maintenance

Ticket ID:          20150223-002

Start Time:         2015-03-10 00:00 MST (2015-03-10 07:00 UTC)

End Time:           2015-03-10 06:00 MST (2015-03-10 13:00 UTC)

Carrier provider will perform fiber maintenance work during the time frame noted above. Up to 6 hours outage will be expected.

The following network services will be affected:

  • 10005LP04-WestGrid-SASK1-WNPG1
  • ... Various non-WG links
2015-01-10 - 18:43 PST Online

System fully operational

Finished on January 10, 2015 - 19:43 MST

2015-01-10 - 08:45 PST Downtime Scheduled

CANARIE Winnipeg PoP Power Upgrade Jan.10

This CANARIE outage will effect Saskatoon-Winnipeg links. Backup links should take the load but users may see a degradation of service in accessing grex and Winnipeg systems, or in reaching Eastern Canada systems.


Subject:            Winnipeg PoP (Power Upgrade)
Category:           Scheduled maintenance
Ticket ID:          20141222-002
Start Time:         2015-01-10 09:00 CST (2015-01-10 15:00 UTC)
End Time:           2015-01-10 21:00 CST (2015-01-11 03:00 UTC)

== Created: Amit on 2014-12-22 13:28 EST(2014-12-22 18:28 UTC) ==

CANARIE Winnipeg PoP will undergo a major power equipment upgrade during the time noted above. All Layer 2 services will be unavailable for up to 6 hrs, however the entire window is reserved.

2015-01-09 - 14:57 PST Online

System fully operational

Finished on January 9, 2015 - 15:57 MST

2015-01-02 - 10:13 PST Testing

Lake Louise - Exshaw AB - Fiber Cut - circuit still unstable

Vendor is still working on the fibre cut at Exshaw due to the train derailment. There may be short interruptions. As usual the workaround is to login to a BC site ( and from there to systems in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

== Updated: Richard on 2015-01-02 12:44 EST(2015-01-02 17:44 UTC) ==

Expect short disruptions in circuit availability as technicians work on site.

No completion time for today's work is available at this time.

2014-12-31 - 09:13 PST Online

System fully operational

Finished on December 31, 2014 - 10:12 MST

== Updated: Richard on 2014-12-30 20:00 EST(2014-12-31 01:00 UTC) ==

Splicing work is still ongoing however our fiber has been restored. Light levels and services are being verified. Traffic appears to be restored.

2014-12-30 - 18:02 PST Conditions

Fibre cut between Vancouver and Calgary at Exshaw

WestGrid network between BC and Alberta is restored, but further work in Banff area is still on going. Hope it would not impact us again.

== Updated: Richard on 2014-12-30 20:00 EST(2014-12-31 01:00 UTC) ==

Splicing work is still ongoing however our fiber has been restored.

Light levels and services are being verified.

Traffic appears to be restored.

There has been a fibre cut at Exshaw between Calgary and Vancouver. Direct connections to WestGrid systems in Alberta, Saskatchew and Manitoba are not working. The workaround is to ssh first to a BC system (like and then ssh to to your desired system.

== Updated: Richard on 2014-12-30 07:51 EST(2014-12-30 12:51 UTC) ==

Due to extreme cold temperature last night work had to stop. Work will continue this morning.

== Updated: Richard on 2014-12-29 07:04 EST(2014-12-29 12:04 UTC) ==

West side of fiber splicing has been completed.

Excavation of east side is progressing slower than expected due to frozen ground.

== Updated: Richard on 2014-12-27 07:25 EST(2014-12-27 12:25 UTC) ==

During cleanup train bridge collapsed, ceasing repair work. Cleanup work not expected to resume until 10amET. Time of repair is still unknown.

Details from CANARIE:

Subject:            Lake Louise - Exshaw AB - Fiber Cut

Category:           Outage

Ticket ID:          20141226-001

Start Time:         2014-12-26 04:00 EST (2014-12-26 09:00 UTC)

End Time:           2014-00-00 00:00 UTC (2014-00-00 00:00 UTC)

== Created: Richard on 2014-12-26 06:43 EST(2014-12-26 11:43 UTC) ==

Fiber cut between Lake Louise and Exshaw is impacting all Calgary to Vancouver traffic.  No estimated time of repair exists however the fiber provider is working to resolve.