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Network System Status

Post date System Status: Update Notes
2015-06-04 - 06:41 PDT Online

System fully operational

Finished on June 4, 2015 - 7:41 MDT

2015-05-28 - 21:30 PDT Conditions

Intermittent network issues when connecting to WestGrid through "commodity" Internet

Since Saturday 2015-05-23, there have been intermittent problems (time outs, sluggish file transfers, etc.) when accessing WestGrid sites through the "commodity" Internet. This would typically include access from home computers, for example.  For some researchers, a workaround might be to connect to a local campus machine and then connect to a WestGrid system through that session.

2015-04-20 - 10:30 PDT Online

System fully operational

Finished on April 20, 2015 - 11:30 MDT

2015-03-24 - 06:42 PDT Downtime Scheduled

Network maintenance Sask-Edm and Sask-Wpg

Subject:            Network maintenance - Saskatoon-Edmonton, Saskatoon-Winnipeg
Category:           Scheduled maintenance
Ticket ID:          20150323-003
Start Time:         2015-03-28 08:00 CST (2015-03-28 14:00 UTC)
End Time:           2015-03-28 18:00 CST (2015-03-29 00:00 UTC)

Carrier will be performing a service affecting maintenance during the time noted above. A 3 hr outage is expected, however the entire window is reserved.

Affected Lightpaths:

2015-03-11 - 12:49 PDT Online

System fully operational

Finished on March 11, 2015 - 13:48 MDT

== Updated: Amit on 2015-03-11 13:11 EDT(2015-03-11 17:11 UTC) ==

Carrier advised that the fibre repair work has been completed, no further outages are expected. We will monitor the services closely for the next few days.

2015-03-08 - 13:50 PDT Conditions

WestGrid network outage

Due to a fibre cut between Vancouver and Calgary, access to WestGrid from commerical internet is ony available from Vancouver. If you cannot login, please try to login to clusters in BC (bugaboo or orcinus) first.

Sorry for the inconvenience

== Updated: Damir on 2015-03-11 07:39 EDT(2015-03-11 11:39 UTC) ==

Fibre has been repaired and services restored around 02:00 EDT. Awaiting an update from carrier to confirm the status.

== Updated: Richard on 2015-03-10 09:35 EDT(2015-03-10 13:35 UTC) ==

Splicing work has begun over night and will resume 10amET.

== Updated: Richard on 2015-03-09 16:48 EDT(2015-03-09 20:48 UTC) ==

Crews are continuing to work on site however Carrier has not been updated with time of repair.

2015-03-04 - 07:31 PST Downtime Scheduled

Sask-Edm and Sask-Wpg maintenance Mar 4 10am EST


Subject:            Saskatoon-Edmonton, Saskatoon-Winnipeg

Category:           Scheduled maintenance

Ticket ID:          20150304-002

Start Time:         2015-03-09 23:01 MST (2015-03-10 06:01 UTC)

End Time:           2015-03-09 23:31 MST (2015-03-10 06:31 UTC)

== Created: Amit on 2015-03-04 10:00 EST(2015-03-04 15:00 UTC) ==

Carrier will be performing a service affecting maintenance during the time noted above. Saskatoon-Edmonton and Saskatoon-Winnipeg OC192 circuits will be unavailable for up to 30 mins.

Affected Lightpath:

  • 10005LP04-WestGrid-SASK1-WNPG1
  • 10300LP01-Neptune-VCTR2-SASK1
  • ... (non-WestGrid)


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