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Grex System Status

Post date System Status: Update Notes
2016-02-24 - 06:21 PST Testing

/global/scratch problems on Grex

Lustre filesystem (/global/scratch) is down on Grex. We are working on resolving the issue.

2016-02-11 - 07:06 PST Online

Lustre filesystem works again

Lustre filesystem on Grex's /global/scratch seems to be working.

2016-02-10 - 13:09 PST Testing

Lustre filesystem problems

Lustre filesystem problems affect Grex's /global/scratch ; it might be intermittently unavailable.

2016-01-29 - 10:23 PST Online

Lustre FS repaired, Grex is fully operational

Lustre FS repaired, Grex is fully operational.

2016-01-28 - 13:39 PST Offline

Lustre filesystem is offline

UPDATE: rebuilding parity on one of the /global/scratch  storage tiers continuing, ETA morining Jan 29. The /global/scratch filesystem is not available to the users.

2016-01-28 - 06:25 PST Offline

Lustre filesystem is offline

AT 7:30 AM CST Jan 28, Lustre servers went offline again. We are investigating the problem. Users can login and access /home, but any command involving /global/scratch will stall. We stopped the Grex queues so new jobs will not start; but we hope that most of the currently running jobs will be just stalled, not lost.

2016-01-23 - 19:14 PST Online

Grex is back online

Grex is back online, the problem with /global/scratch filesystem was resolved. Some of the jobs might have been affected by the temporary unavailability of the filesystem.