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Grex System Status

Post date System Status: Update Notes
2016-04-11 - 20:00 PDT Online

Grex /global/scratch storage fully online

Grex /global/scratch storage fully online. Most of the running jobs should be unaffected.

2016-04-11 - 14:12 PDT Conditions

Grex /global/scratch system intermittently unavailable

Grex /global/scratch system intermittently unavailable due to high load that triggered failover on one of the OSS.

2016-03-21 - 13:33 PDT Online

Grex storage controlled replaced, system online

Grex's replacement controlled arrived and installed; the system is in production.

2016-03-10 - 14:01 PST Conditions

Grex has /global/scratch FS problems

The storage controller still needs replacement. Grex is operational but conditions remains.

2016-03-06 - 05:12 PST Conditions

Grex has /global/scratch FS problems

Our investigation shown that one of the storage controllers pair serving Grex's NFS and Lustre filesytems had failed and needs replacement. Grex is available but its filesystem runs in a degraded state on the remaining controller until we install the replacement.

2016-03-05 - 04:12 PST Offline

Grex has /global/scratch FS problems

Grex's /global/scratch filesytem is temporarily unavailable.

2016-02-24 - 13:07 PST Online

/global/scratch is working again

Lustre filesystem (/global/scratch) is working on Grex. Running jobs should not have been affected.