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Grex System Status

Post date System Status: Update Notes
2016-06-22 - 13:20 PDT Conditions

Power outage in UManitoba data centre

There was a brief power outage in the data center that rebooted all the compute nodes. All the running jobs must have lost. Some of compute nodes are still down and we are working to bring them back online. Storage system should not have affected by this outage.

2016-06-11 - 19:35 PDT Online

System fully operational

System fully operational.

2016-06-11 - 19:34 PDT Conditions

Partial power outage

On Sat. Jun 11, 03:43AM there was a power glitch that had rebooted IB switch and some of the compute nodes. The jobs running on the affected nodes were lost.

2016-05-11 - 11:34 PDT Online

Grex is back to production

Compute nodes are back online. Fortunately, we did not have any file system problem and all users' data should be avalilable. 

2016-05-11 - 07:57 PDT Conditions

Power outage of Grex compute nodes

We had a power outage around 4:00 am this morning (May 11, 2016) and it brought down Grex compute nodes. Jobs running at that time should be lost. Most of the compute nodes are online but some of them are still offline. We are working to reolve the issue.

2016-04-21 - 13:01 PDT Online

Grex /global/scratch system restored

Grex /global/scratch system back online.

2016-04-21 - 12:40 PDT Conditions

Grex /global/scratch system might be temporarily unavailable

Grex /global/scratch system might be temporarily unavailable due to server's failover event caused by high load.