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NOTE: This system was “defunded” August 31, 2017. Please visit the Migration Process page for more information.

University of Calgary

Technical Specifications

NOTE: This system was “defunded” August 31 2017. Please visit the Migration Process page for more information.


Breezy is an Appro AMD cluster with quad-socket, 6-core AMD Istanbul processors (24 cores @ 2.4 GHz) per node. It has 256 GB memory per compute node (64 GB on login node). Do not try to use all memory on a node. Please refer to our Batch Job Policies on the Breezy QuickStart Guide.


Breezy has 16 nodes connected with 4X DDR InfiniBand at 20 Gbits/s and Gigabit Ethernet Interconnect.


Breezy shares a Dell FluidFS file system with Lattice and Parallel.