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***NOTE: On September 1, 2017, Breezy was withdrawn from general WestGrid service.  It is now available only to approved University of Calgary-based projects. This is part of a continuing process for handling the retirement of WestGrid systems. Please visit the Migration Process page for more information. Questions regarding Breezy should now be directed to, rather than

University of Calgary

Technical Specifications

NOTE: This system was “defunded” August 31 2017. Please email for more information.


Breezy is an Appro AMD cluster with quad-socket, 6-core AMD Istanbul processors (24 cores @ 2.4 GHz) per node. It has 256 GB memory per compute node (64 GB on login node). Do not try to use all memory on a node. Please refer to our Batch Job Policies on the Breezy QuickStart Guide.


Breezy has 16 nodes connected with 4X DDR InfiniBand at 20 Gbits/s and Gigabit Ethernet Interconnect.


Breezy shares a Dell FluidFS file system with Lattice and Parallel.