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Parallel System Status

Post date System Status: Update Notes
2017-07-06 - 09:05 PDT Online

Parallel cluster is back on-line.

The network problem has been corrected.

2017-07-05 - 14:42 PDT Offline

Parallel cluster is unavailable

Wednesday night: The Parallel cluster is experiencing Infiniband network problems. 

2017-04-17 - 23:02 PDT Online

Lattice, Parallel, and Breezy back online

Clusters are substantially back online.

2017-04-17 - 20:51 PDT Offline

Power Outage Affecting Lattice, Parallel, and Breezy

This evening an electrical power interruption caused the loss of all jobs on Lattice, Parallel, and Breezy.  Staff are working hard to restore service.

2017-02-18 - 22:27 PST Online

Service Restored

Lattice and Parallel are functioning normally once again.

2017-02-18 - 05:59 PST Offline

Lattice and Parallel

Due to an air conditioning failure in the datacentre, Lattice and Parallel will be unavailable for the next day or so.

2016-10-27 - 22:30 PDT Online

Parallel back to normal operations after system upgrade.

Parallel has been upgraded to the latest CentOS 6.8 operating system.
Should you discover any issues, please report them to Thank you.