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WestGrid System Status

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Visit this page to get up-to-date information on the WestGrid systems you are using. Both planned maintenance and unexpected outages will be reported. View the update notes and legend below for more information. If you have any questions about any of these systems or their status, please contact WestGrid Support.

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Post date System Update Notes
2017-05-26 - 13:00 PDT Bugaboo

Bugaboo unavailable May 24/25

Bugaboo is unavailable on May 24/25 due to filesystem updates and a scheduled power outage in the data centre.

Update, May 26: we are haveing problems getting the /home filesystem back online. The repair job will run for about 5 hours, thus we expect to make the system available later today.

2017-05-24 - 16:14 PDT Orcinus

Power Issue - Wednesday May 24, 2017 12:00 AM

Last night we had a power glitch in our data room and some of the orcinus compute nodes lost power. The job running on the affected nodes were lost. Please check your intermediate data and resubmit the lost computations.

2017-05-22 - 09:43 PDT Hungabee

Hungabee experienced a hardware failure.

Hungabee experienced a hardware failure.

2017-05-21 - 17:24 PDT Grex

Grex is open to test access

Our works on Grex storage update are almost complete. The system is open for access and running jobs, for now in test mode. More updates on status and documentation is to follow. Please contact if you experience problems using it or accessing your data! Please CLICK HERE for more details on the new filesystem.

2017-05-18 - 08:57 PDT Hermes/Nestor

File system issues on Hermes/Nestor.


The issue is resolved. No job were affected during this incident.


We are having issues with GPFS on Hermes/Nestor on one of our headnodes. We are working on the issue and we will update this notice accordingly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


2017-05-03 - 14:38 PDT CC-Cloud

Scheduled Logical Network Change Thursday May 4, 2017 11:00 PDT

We will be making a logical network change between 11:00-11:30am PDT tomorrow and no outage is anticipated during this time.

2017-04-17 - 23:02 PDT Breezy

Lattice, Parallel, and Breezy back online

Clusters are substantially back online.

2017-04-17 - 23:02 PDT Lattice

Lattice, Parallel, and Breezy back online

Clusters are substantially back online.

2017-04-17 - 23:02 PDT Parallel

Lattice, Parallel, and Breezy back online

Clusters are substantially back online.

2017-03-09 - 12:37 PST Jasper


Due to generous support from the University of Alberta, the defunding date for Jasper has been rescheduled to October 01, 2017 (instead of March 31 as announced earlier). Researchers affiliated with the University of Alberta should contact for more information about accessing this system after October 1. Please visit the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki's Jasper Hungabee Migration 2016 page for more information.

2017-01-31 - 16:30 PST Network

UVic network issues.


The issue is resolved.

Original Notice:

Getting to other clusters such as jasper, orcinus and grex from within UVic is not working. Please  log into hermes/nestor and then from there to other clusters until the issue is resolved.

2016-11-08 - 08:30 PST WestGrid portal

HA server has crashed but has been restarte

The HA server which runs the portal had crashed. It has been restarted.

2016-05-01 - 21:01 PDT ownCloud

System fully operational

Finished on May 2, 2016 - 4:00 GMT