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BCNet DNS outage

System fully operational

The BCNet DNS server had a disk failure yesterday morning. This was fixed within a couple of hours but it seems that some providers have long update times. In particular Shaw has taken about 24 hours for DNS updates to take effect.

So you may have received messages about unable to find any "" servers. If you are still unable to connect please wait for a few hours and try again.

Aug.24 07:39 MDT Patrick Mann. A further misconfiguration was found yesterday evening. This morning all seems well and DNS servers are responding correctly.

Aug.23 07:24 MDT Patrick Mann: BCNet rebuilt the DNS last night so the Master DNS is now working. However the changes will take time to percolate through the internet. In particular my home Shaw connection is still not updated. So some users may still experience issues, probably for the rest of today (24 hours).

Aug 22 18:28 MDT Patrick Mann: BCNet is working on the problem, but no fix yet. 

Aug 22 10:00 MDT Patrick Mann: The home Shaw DNS that I'm using has failed again. As a workaround it is possible to use the Google free DNS server, but you will have to configure your desktop/laptop operating system to use that.