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Please ignore, just a test.

This is a test of various create/edit/format functions on the public web pages.

Test of Link to Subpage

zzFormatTest sub-page link.

CODE and PRE Testing

Here is an inline code formatted in the editor as WG_Inline_code:  ls /usr/local/bin

The following has been highlighted and given  WG_Code style.  Note that separate lines appear, rather than one complete block.

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3


CODE and PRE with manual formatting

This section is manually formatted with HTML tags

Line 0: just PRE with no modifiers
Line 1: so using the default
Line 2:
Line 3:

Now a trial with explicit class.

Line 0 this is explicitly in a class="WG_Code" section
Line 1 of the manual PRE section
Line 2
Line 3

This has a CODE: this is in a un-modified default CODE

This has a CODE: this is in a CODE pair with class="WG_Inline_code"


Version 2.1.0