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VisIT - general purpose visualization tool

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VisIT is a general purpose scientific visualization tool that can be used to explore and analyze large 2D and 3D scalar or vector (possibly time-varying) data sets. It can be used interactively or through Python scripting.

Parallel is the most likely system on which VisIT will be used within WestGrid, in order to make use of the graphics processing units (GPUs) on that cluster.

Restrictions / License Information

VisIT is provided by its developers for free.

Running Instructions on Parallel

If you have set up an X Windows graphics environment as described in the QuickStart Guide for New Users, you can run VisIT directly on Parallel with


However, you are likely to have a more satisfactory experience with interactive use of VisIT if you follow the instructions given on the WestGrid remote visualization page.

Note that Parallel accounts are not set up automatically, but, require a special request. See the Parallel QuickStart Guide for more information.

For More Information

Created 2014-01-28 - Initial installation of VisIT on Parallel.

System Parallel
Version 2.7.1