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Seismic Un*x

Seismic Un*x is an open source collection of software for seismic processing and research packaged by the Center for Wave Phenomena at the Colorado School of Mines. See the main software page for the version currently installed on WestGrid systems. 

Restrictions / License Information

Before using Seismic Un*x, you should be aware of the Colorado School of Mines license conditions. The requested form of acknowledgment for using the package is given on that page.

Running Seismic Un*x

Initialize your environment before using the package by defining the CWPROOT variable and adding to your command PATH. For bash users:

export CWPROOT=/global/scratch/software/cwp_su_all_42
export PATH=${CWPROOT}/bin:$PATH

Running Seismic Un*x on Bugaboo

Before using Seismic Un*x on Bugaboo for the first time, it is requested that you explicitly accept the license conditions described in the preceding section. To do that, enter the following module command in an interactive session (for example, at the shell prompt right after you log in to Bugaboo):

module load cwp-su

You will then be asked to type accept if you would like to use the package. If you accept the conditions, a file will be created in your home directory containing the license details. This file is used as a flag to module load cwp-su so that next time you use that command (for example, in a batch job, in order to set up the PATH to the Seismic Un*x commands), you will not be prompted to accept the conditions.

More information about modules on WestGrid systems is given here.

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