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ROOT (data analysis framework)

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ROOT is an object-oriented framework aimed at solving the data analysis challenges of high-energy physics.  See the Software Versions tab for a list of systems on which it has been installed.

Running ROOT on Jasper

Before running the root executable on Jasper, initialize your environment with

module load application/root/v5.34.17

Running ROOT on Lattice/Parallel

ROOT 5 and 6 pre-compiled production binaries have been installed in version-specific directories under /global/software/root on Lattice and Parallel.

To use ROOT 5.34.32 it may be convenient to modify your command PATH (bash shell example) with:

export PATH=/global/software/root/root_v5.34.32/bin:$PATH

The ROOT 6.04.00 binary depends on a non-default GCC compiler environment. Set up your environment to use it with:

module load gcc/gcc-4.9-20140406-beta
export PATH=/global/software/root/root_v6.04.00/bin:$PATH

Runnin ROOT on Bugaboo

ROOT on bugaboo has been compiled using intel-16.0.1-1.150, therefore, if you need to use ROOT libraries you need to run

module load intel/16.0.1-1.150

before you link your code with ROOT libraries.


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2015-06-25: Added Lattice/Parallel section.