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MuMax3 - Micromagnetic Simulation


MuMax3 is a micromagnetic simulation program that features performance acceleration for systems with graphics processing units (GPUs).  It has been installed on Parallel where there are a number of GPU-enabled nodes.

Note: accounts on Parallel are not set up automatically when you get a WestGrid account. See the Parallel QuickStart Guide for access instructions.

Running MuMax3 on Parallel

To run MuMax3 on Parallel, include lines in your job script similar to these:

module load mumax3/3.9.1
mumax3 standard_problem4.txt

For MuMax3 3.8, use module load mumax/3.8.  For an even older versions:

module load cuda/5.5
/global/software/mumax3/mumax34/mumax3 standard_problem4.txt

(Standard Problem 4 is an example available from

See the WestGrid GPU computations page for general instructions on requesting GPU nodes and for sample batch job scripts.

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2014-02-10 - Changed example to use version 3.4.
2016-09-06 - Updated for version 3.8
2016-09-08 - Updated for version 3.9.1

System Parallel
Version 3.9.1