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Mono (C# environment)


The Mono .NET environment provides a platform for running C# programs.

Running Mono on Lattice and Parallel

A basic version of Mono has been installed on Lattice and Parallel, providing a C# compiler, mcs (and its variant names as described on the Mono project C# compiler web page), and the mono command to run the resulting binary. Programs that use graphical features (drawing in windows) are not supported at this time.

Note that this software was installed for a project in which the researcher was going to use the GPU-enabled nodes on Parallel.  In general, Mono-based programs are unlikely to be appropriate for running on the general CPU-based compute nodes on Lattice and Parallel, as these are intended for large-scale parallel programs.

To set up your environment (bash shell example) to use the compiler or the mono run-time environment:

export PATH=/global/software/mono/mono421/bin:$PATH

Given a C# program, hello.cs, it can be compiled to produce a mono binary, hello.exe, with:

mcs hello.cs

The resulting program can then be run with

mono hello.exe


For More Information

2015-01-07 - Added instructions for running Mono on Parallel.
2015-11-25 - Updated for version 4.2.1 on Parallel.